Australasian Paleontology on the World Stage: CAVEPS 2019 at SVP

8 October, 2019, Brisbane, Australia

We invite you to attend the Conference on Australasian Vertebrate Evolution, Palaeontology and Systematics (CAVEPS) 2019 Workshop at the Society of Vertebrate Paleontology Annual Meeting! Our workshop will be on 8 October, starting at 9 am, and running until about 4 pm.


Introductory Speed Talks by All Participants

We ask all participants to present an introductory 2-minute speed talk briefly outlining their main research interests in Australasia and methodological approaches. Prizes of $200 each will be presented to the best student talks. Each talk should have a single 16:9 ratio PowerPoint slide. Please email your slide by 1 October to Al Evans so we can compile the slides into a single presentation.


Early Career Researcher Plenary Presentations

As part of the CAVEPS 2019 Workshop, the workshop organisers are seeking applications for two Early Career Researchers (ECRs) to give 20-minute presentations on their research. ECR is here defined as PhD students or post-PhD researchers that were awarded their PhD on or after 1 October 2014 (or 5 years ago full-time equivalent, using the Australian Research Council criteria for ECRs).


Scope of Talk

The ECR plenary presentation should cover research carried out by the ECR on significant, cutting-edge topics of relevance to Australasian vertebrate palaeontology. The applicant need not have been based in Australasia for all of their research career, but must show relevance to the field of Australasian vertebrate palaeontology.


Submission Process

Applicants should submit an extended abstract (maximum 400 words) of the presentation they wish to give, and a current CV (maximum 3 pages). This can be related to any presentations scheduled for the main meeting of SVP, but should be of broader scope.



Submissions are due by Friday 13th September, and speakers will be notified by Wednesday 18th September.


Applications should be sent to Al Evans

Questions can be sent to any of the workshop organisers.


We look forward to seeing you all in Brisbane in October!


CAVEPS 2019 Workshop organisers

Alistair Evans

David Hocking

Erich Fitzgerald