Features Overview

Below are several datasets from our published papers. These can be used in further research with correct citation of the original study.


Dental Complexity in Carnivorans and Rodents

x,y,z coordinates *.dat text files for upper and lower tooth rows of 81 species of carnivorans and rodents: download

Citation: Evans AR, Wilson GP, Fortelius M, and Jernvall J. 2007. High-level similarity of dentitions in carnivorans and rodents. Nature 445: 78-81.


Inhibitory Cascade in Rodents

Molar areas for murine rodents to test the inhibitory cascade: download

Citation: Kavanagh KD, Evans AR, and Jernvall J. 2007. Predicting evolutionary patterns of mammalian teeth from development. Nature 449: 427-432.


Inhibitory Cascade in Humans and Fossil Hominins

Tooth areas for humans and fossil hominins to test the inhibitory cascade: download

Citation: Evans AR, Daly ES, Catlett KK, Paul KS, King SJ, Skinner MM, Nesse HP, Hublin J-J, Townsend GC, Schwartz GT, and Jernvall J. 2016. A simple rule governs the evolution and development of hominin tooth size. Nature 530: 477-480.